J: What message do you try and send out through your performances? I see so much more than entertainment or zany spoof. To me, your work is very "David Lynch-ian" ART. I would love to see your characters fully realized in a David Lynch film. OR -Am I completely off-track here ?

R: I like David Lynch and am especially glad that he's made a place for himself out there. His films are pretty crazy and of course I'd love to work with somebody who'd let me go nuts on film. That's basically what I have now, a great support system of friends who essentially tell me to "go for the gusto" all the time. We sometimes say about DeAundra that "they's a whole lot of ways of bein' smart", and I think maybe that's what I try to express somewhat in all of my characters. Everybody's got something they're good at, and all of my characters specialize in some kind of craziness that makes them different. The bottom line is best expressed in the FUNTONE, USA motto, "If it's not fun, don't do it".

J: How much does Vaudeville factor into your aesthetic?

R: I don't think it's so much my surface familiarity with Vaudeville as it is the influence Vaudeville has had on the people around me. Our natural tendency when we began doing things together was to mix the music and the comedy into one big thing so that you couldn't separate the two. The songs we do enhance the comedy, and with our band Monkey One these days we've been able to really make that hit home since the effect of a great live band on stage is always compelling. Combine that with a bunch of laughs and you've got the perfect brew for a great evening.

J: What is something you see as a source of inspiration? What are 3 things in your life you embrace as truths?

R: The fans are my most precious inspiration, and I'm telling the truth! When we connect, when the audience sees me on stage and gets the joke--or at least laughs at it--that's the ultimate. It makes you want to get up there and do it over and over again. Sometimes I run into people at the grocery store, they're looking at me funny and then suddenly recognize me and light up. Hearing people say, "You have got my Aunt Helen down to a tee!" or "God, I had a scary grandfather who was just like that guy" turns me on so much. It's an affirmation of a communion between us and makes them feel something they might not have felt in years, or maybe ever before for that matter.
Three things I embrace as truths, jeez!
1) Laughter IS the best medicine.
2) Talent is in the eye of the beholder.
3) You gotta be true to yourself to really be happy. Discovering and then admitting what you really want out of life can open doors you never knew existed. Be free enough to go for your gusto!

J: I've got to ask.....Do you think DeAundra would ever consider singing with ME?

R: Lord YES!

P.S : At the time of this transcript, an Atlanta area performance with DeAundra Peek -Teenage Superstar- and me is in the works, ya'll.