April 27, 2000

4/27/00 Thank you Todd and M.O. 12:51 A.M. Light. With ARTERY, I come closer to the personal and spontaneous. Not just talking about my work , but also thoughts and observations of an everyday nature…..Since the site was launched, some of the highlights thus far : I’ve written and recorded MORE material for my upcoming cd: Disburden Disciple. …I’ve observed firsthand -courtesy of Mr Scott M. Martin, (interview to come) an inner sanctum event for Hollywood living legends, (book party for :Conversations With Wilder ). I’ ve completed eclectic, intentionally entertaining, and each one individualized –performances of The Living Jarboe – in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York City -for the Work In Progress arts program. …I ‘ ve met and even interviewed for the site, persons with insight and accomplishment…. And now, as I am about to embark upon my second journey to the ‘Land Of The Rising Sun’, (the first being the Japanese concerts on The Burning World tour), I am enthusiastic about the future and the exciting projects lined up ….. ready for Light. J