May 16, 2000


This jet-lag is crushing…

Returned home to find the rosebush M.G. planted for me in full bloom in the front yard.

Read first review of Blackmouth today in Outburn magazine. My first entirely pro-tools project. All vocals sound files into the Mac. Got a letter from MG where he says this is the only way he wants to record in the future for his own recordings, including The Angels Of Light .

The recording artist must now wear many hats. Sometimes, I dream of the luxury of focusing on writing and performing the music instead of all the other aspects to being a self-employed self-product and the business and technical aspects therein.

I met someone in Tokyo who told me the internet was damaging the indie labels and not increasing the profile of the artist at all and that the major labels are only stronger for the internet. In my case, the internet has allowed me the privilege of making available my work directly to the people who want it and bypassing the middlemen of the industry altogether.

I want to believe in the power of artist controlled websites and to debunk the myth that you have to get on a major to advance your work and your profile. One of my favorite artists, Tricky, was dropped by the major he was on. Need I say more about the majors? The internet should be about networking and giving artists freedom to do their work and get out from under the thumb of the music business. To do this, of course, you have to get people to be aware of and come to your website. I am still learning how to do this. I think it is a marriage of print ads and promotion and other traditional factors in addition to the net. But things will never go back to where they were when the artist was crippled by the music business machine. I don’t want to sound naive . I am far from bohemian or socialistic. I am not even that idealistic. However, I am aware and informed and realize it is still hard work. Nothing is handed to you on a platter. Too many musicians feel entitled. M.G. always reminded me that you have to work hard and expect nothing in return. I say you have to create your OWN ‘return.’

A Hopi-Indian inspired song that came to me in a dream after a day of visiting Temples in Japan is the next and final recording to take its place on Disburden Disciple. I will be in New York in June to record it.

Love J