June 11, 2000

6/11 Several nights ago, I attended the Atlanta show of the current Dead Voices On Air/ Legendary Pink Dots tour. Not only did I enjoy seeing Mark Spybey again, but I met for the first time -Edward Kaspel , who was a soft-spoken gentleman who got a spontaneous big hug from me when he said he had always wanted to meet me….Photos of us were taken in the dressing room after the show and will soon be up on this site.

CMJ Change Music comes to Atlanta this week and as I was given a ‘premium pass,” I will be attending as an audience member as many ‘music and the internet’ panel discussions as energy permits….

The evenings are still pleasant and cool here. I lie out in my big hammock gently swaying between the Japanese Maple and the Magnolia. Here I am under the stars in the clear sky. I wear a satin slip —and look up at the fireflies hovering in the tall trees. Candles, incense, red wine and the cicadas…..

************************************* Oh and Thanks to those on the guestbook for their feedback about the Blackmouth project…..Both John’s and Brett’s sites can be accessed from my links page….