June 14, 2000

This is for the people who took the time out to post on the guestbook today. I carefully read what you wrote and I sincerely appreciate it.

So tonight, I am “going from the sublime to the ..” you name it:

Today was damn hot in Atlanta ——–and Renee (beautiful and talented singer and musician – bassplayer for the NYC Work In Progress ‘Living Jarboe’ show this last January) and I took a walk in the blazing sun through an intown neighborhood in the early – early – early stages of renewal. This was my first time to visit this area. Renee may be moving there…………. So as we are walking along sweating like pigs, (I had to throw this expression in as coincidentally I had just enjoyed a yum sandwich called “The Blind Pig” at a cafe ..) , a vibrant sexual comment was declared in our direction as we passed by some ‘heavy’ looking neighborhood guys (speculating about the shade of hair located in a private area of the female anatomy if you must know)… …I asked Renee what she thought was the motive behind the comment. She and I are perhaps similiar in that I am the type to analyze and reflect on this sort of thing instead of saying something sassy back ………She said the comment was to ‘objectify’ women. So I want to ask you guys out there reading this: what exactly DOES it mean in your opinion when a guy says stuff like this to a woman on the street? I mean, is it to impress his friends? And what if he is alone when he says it? Does it means something else if the skin color is different? Do some men think a woman is actually aroused by the comment?

(please post on the guestbook if you care to respond on this one!)

And I think my eyelids are sunburned.