June 16, 2000

The responses to that last Artery were wonderful and actually….enlightening. I can’t thank you enough guys. Whatever sex you are…

Last night in my walk around the golf course on the Path especially for walkers, joggers, there were a group of Moslem women speaking Arabic dressed all in black from head to toe in this intense heat. (We are having a drought down here too.) It was surreal in the context of scantily clad runners speeding by to find these women strolling along. Tonight, two beautiful African men with skin the color of darkest blue ran by me speaking French. Later on, I heard Japanese as three Bjork-ish young girls in silver running outfits passed by… The other night, three hometown black women called out to me as I blasted past, “OOOOOH. Wobble wobble. OOOOOOH shake it shake it ! Bootie! ” (not sure how to spell that actually..).. Anyway, the point I’m geting to is : this can be a cool town and I love that Path!

On a different subject, as some of you know, The Living Jarboe was planning on performing at the big (40,000 paying fans over three days)Treffen Festival in Leipzig Germany this June. Well, I didn’t go and I was sad until I heard two days ago from Joseph Budenholzer (Backworld) who was there to perform about the SCANDEL. The promotors stole over a million dollars and ran away and are now wanted by Interpol. No one got paid and all the bands lost a lot of money . Joe will be writing about this on his website which you can find on my links page…but THIS SUCKS.

…………………………………… I’ll be at CMJ Change Music this weekend. Reports to come….