June 24, 2000

June 24 there comes the time when a decision has to be made and even if you are not positive it is the right decision, you begin to feel that in order to move forward, you will have to take the chance.

there have been so many horror stories circulating lately about the music business and all the ways it fails the artist.

in a quiet voice, a musician who is a friend of mine asked me the other day, “so is the answer just not to do music at all?”

i understand the reticence to have an ounce of faith in dealing with people in this business. i have seen a lot of things go wrong.

Something Robert Fripp wrote comes to mind: “Scepticism is a virtue, but risks becoming cynicism. Cynicism is a vice. Faith is a virtue but risks becoming belief. This is a weakness. May we hold scepticism close; May faith hold us closer. But let us not belittle the beliefs of others, for although beliefs are legion, they may lead to faith. And faith is one.”

(thank you for sending that to me, C.P.)