July 6, 2000

Choose your battles with great care. FInd what charges you with energy and protect it ruthlessly. All of your great sacrifices mean nothing if you betray yourself. It’s all true. What I heard the women in my life say to me about self-love. All girls and women reading this now: the most important thing you can do is to learn to be self sufficient and love being alone. Work out the money thing as soon as possible so you can have power and not NEED anyone. Then, fill that void—-that aching black void that you thought only another person could fill—–fill that damn void YOURSELF. Do you hear me? Stop needing him or if you are gay, her. Stop it or you are DOOMED. There are seducers out there. Let me tell you how they operate. They are going to send you a spark and you are going to start day dreaming about them and fantasizing and then the big seduction scene and then you get sucked into it and then all that heat and then you are consumed with addictive bliss and you feel superior to everybody and you are glowing. You know why you are glowing, honey? You are glowing because you have just become a drug addict. That’s right. It’s true. It’s a damn drug and you just signed your death warrant. If you are feeling this way, I got news for you. It won’t last and as intense as he (or she) is now, that is how hellish it will be later. The withdrawal pains are worse than kicking junk and you will carry baggage for way too long. It isn’t worth it. Very few people are mature enough to handle this thing…this drug..whether you call it love or something else….It is destructive and unless you are enlightened, you are not ready. Listen to me………There are activities out there that will fill that void. It might be running or mountain climbing. It might be volunteering at a nursing home. It might be the wonder of traveling on your own. But the thing is, all that romantic stuff? All that sentimental stuff? In other words, all that BAGGAGE? Drop that shit right now!

You are ALIVE girl! Find your power! It’s YOUR’S and YOUR’S


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