July 13, 2000

July 13 2000

MG is in Atlanta tonight.

Earlier there was lightning in the sky and now there is a cool breeze and the sound of frogs and light rain dripping through the trees.

This room has a row of 4 windows. I am facing them as I write this. The air that I breathe in has the weight and depth that is distinctly Southern. This air is in contrast to that of the house on the other side of the tall fence with its constant air-conditioning roar…

And I am feeling displaced and home simultaneously.

What is it like in the breathtaking New Mexican/Colorado desert right now? If anyone reading this is there or near there, let me know.

And what is loneliness? I feel it. Do you feel it?

The human bond. The connection we feel to one another. To one that we feel a ‘sense of comradry.’

The time when we must face ourselves .

And for all who have been so enthusiastic in mailing me about it , yes. the music both recorded and live performance is coming. I promise it will a surprise and it will be worth the wait.