July 21, 2000

Tonight I went for my run in the midst of an intense lightning storm which came along suddenly. Branches were flying. The sky flashed. Light rain came down. I was the only one on the path. It was incredible. I sensed something behind me and heard a presence but of course nothing could be seen. A surreal moment occurred when I came onto the part of the path that goes along the open road. A young man who when I looked over semed to be completely nude with one hand on the steering wheel and another in his lap had slowed down his vehicle. I was irritated to break stride but I slowed down my pace and looked over as I thought I was going to be asked directions. But to my surprise as I realized he was most likely nude —through his open window he asked me if i would enjoy something that i won’t type here but it was — take my word for it —‘obscene’…. and utilized the word ‘balls’ and a mouth action. I made a face and yelled at him loudly and accusingly : “WHAT????” Then another car came along –and he sped off.

was this a david lynch script?