August 3, 2000

August 3 2:08 a.m.

forgive the following typos i know i will probably make because i am sleepy!

sitting here at my desk in front of the wall of open windows listening to the cicadas and the mixes of new material from Disburden Disciple at a low volume from my apple computer cd player. i’m finally going to make Disburden available to the visitors of my site very soon and i am really looking forward to it. TANK will be doing the design for the cd as well as the redesign of my website. i will also launch an email subscription list for updates courtesy of Todd Zino who created the secure online ordering and this artery secion of the site —also man about town mr. Michael Overstreet has been a huge help in updating both this site and the SWANS site.

i’m about to give Mr. Overstreet recent photos taken at the Pink Dots show and CMJ and a bunch of other cool stuff to post for both sites.

i will have some news for those of you can make it to atlanta for a fun event coming up this fall for which i will be a part off with a special performance. can’t say any more yet. will email certain persons in my address book (i save the emails of special letters i get every week) and hopefully some of you will consider traveling because i’d like to greet you in person if you are reading this.

oh—and those threats i was getting? they stopped after i mentioned them here ! so..? interesting? maybe i scared them off!

what else?…………. my good friend Mitch from the killer band, Pineal Ventana , helped me enter the golden realm recently. Thanks Mitch!

and gal Penny and I had a chat last week in that most intimate of spots, The Cleremont Lounge after Mr. Tim Hale and Penny and I stopped by the POLARIS . THE HIPPEST PLACE IN ATLANTA HANDS DOWN. does it have a scene? NO but its still the real deal in terms of architecture and and vibe and if you scene makers/organizers in ATL have a clue you will use this space for your events. Fortunately I don’t think those folks read Artery so my favorite place is safe!

Oh yeah, a nod to Billy Howerdel of the new acclaimed project, A Perfect Circle, for his words about SWANS in the August issue of the U.K. magazine, Terrorizer. Thanks very much Billy.

And also past due thanks to all those who read and work for Terrorizer for naming Swans in the best of the decade list.