August 7, 2000

august 7

its 3:00 a.m. and several little crickets are crawling around exploring my macintosh as i once again hear the chorus of cicadas outside the window. i ‘d love to have a web-cam in here so anyone who is interested can see my ‘”live” as i write these things…

this afternoon was spent in the business section of Borders books reading about entrepreneurship and business plans.

tonight , i’ve been listening to the pieces that will go on the first of the Disburden series in preparation for mastering on wednesday. choosing between mixes and determining cross-fades, etc. trying for the right combination for this introduction to what will be a 2 and possibly 3 cd set all under the theme of Disburden Disciple.

hey- it’s been brought to my attention that it was most probably Maynard of Tool / APC who was quoted in that Terrorizer article i mentioned. i plan on attending the concert of A Perfect Circle here in atlanta, btw. as always, thanks to the personal replies to what i write here (and based on what is written, there are some very smart and perceptive people out there who come to this site) and also to the inquiries as to when that list of coming projects on my home page is finally going to be available! i’m working on it , believe me —and it will be very soon now .

keep me posted.

love my reeboks.