August 24, 2000

23 August

How to begin…………Tonight in Atlanta, I stood on a balcony above the stage in a completely packed concert house known as the Tabernacle to witness a show from the current tour of A PERFECT CIRCLE.. The new band from songwriter/ producer / visionary/ guitarist Billy Howerdel and lyricist / vocalist /performer Maynard James Keenan. Flawless musicianship from Josh Freese and Troy Van Leeuwen ………… and the most sensual and graceful woman in rock I have seen since Nancy Wilson of Heart, the amazing Paz Lenchantin. The inclusion of this talented woman in this project is a stroke of brilliance. She brings so much to this show. Watching her is like watching a proud wild mare throwing back her mane and rearing up on her hind legs before galloping off fierce , elegant, and free. She has a female vocabulary in her style which is refreshing and inspiring. Instead of using the male vocabulary which so many women musicians have used, Paz is completely feminine in all the strong fearless ways a woman should be . I applaud her presense in rock. Women musicians – go see this show and get an education.

And then there is Maynard.

This is someone I have only just met and yet feel a bond. This was my first time seeing Maynard perform and directly feeling his sexual energy. The first reference that comes to mind with regard to this sexual energy is Jim Morrison. Watching Maynard dance and undulate in personification of Rock Singer but not in a campy way — even in his hip hugger bellbottims and long blonde wig—-is to watch a spirit channeling the lust and androgyny of the rock star—the male / female energy of star power. He is a very aware energy. And everything he said to me the night before about a certain ……I will name it ‘hunger’— on the road–made sense.

As the show plays homage to “Rock” in subtle and obvious ways, I found it intelligent and amusing and sexy and romantic … things I personally love about rock.

Thank you again for the dedication during the show tonight MJK. You got me wet. Eyes, too.