August 27, 2000

August 27 3:00 a.m.

Coming soon- a section about Disburden Disciple ONE which is the beginning of the series of cds I am doing with the concept of healing and the search for ‘fulfillment.’

We will have sound samples and some lyrics and a new photo of me with this shorter and lighter hair. The process of transforming my outer self is intentionally part of the concept of Disburden Disciple with every cover a portrait documenting the phases. By the final cd of the series of DD, I will look remarkably different from the portrait on this first c.d. The idea is to go more and more towards the light with each portrait.

Very few people have heard the finished first volume of this series. I am very close to the material yet I can hear the evolution that has taken place from Anhedoniac and the hints of where I am going.

What I am writing now and what will be thrown into the mix with the following DD releases appears on this first cd. Melodies , rhythms. textures in an unexpected way perhaps….and even a tribute to Uriah Heep at the end of a track !

Ms. Renee Nelson and I will begin rehearsels tonight for CMJ New York in October. We are planning an intimate special performance of piano and voice – (quite unlike The Living Jarboe in January at the Knitting Factory with full rock band arrangements). We both realize the chaos and craziness that awaits us. Come out and support us if you can get to NYC ! IN the audience, here is what I want you to do: Whoop and holler ! cheer, wildly applaud us!

We will each give you a kiss and a hug if you do!

And wear the new Living Jarboe tshirt and you will get a lipstick imprint on your copy of DD ONE !

PREYER, the project with Nicole Boitos . A beautiful silk bag with lovely drawings and text fragments. Put them all out in front of you since they are intentionally not bound! And look for ‘hidden meaning.’ psychedelic, baby…

Tonight when I was walking the trail in my Reeboks, a black snake shimmied by my feet. Last night another kind of black snake was in my dream. Whats with these black snakes already? IS that witch casting spells again? Did I ever tell you my witch story? I will in a future Artery…..

And hey – the guy who posted about my ‘rock’ ness? That is a compliment on the highest order for me. Heres the secret, I am a Rocker at heart ! That is why I joined Swans – because to me they rocked so Hard…