September 18, 2000

Sept 18 1:54 A.M.

Time and time again it is proven true to me in my life.

Happiness is a tiny glimpse of something that accompanies the “little things.” Like what I felt substantially a moment ago sipping my cup of sweetened and spiced warm milk, wearing the first pair of long pajamas for the change in season and realizing that in the past two days, several good friends have called me just to say hello and see how I am and “want “absolutely nothing .

A friend who is a psychologist tells me to question what it is i think I will get from a relationship with a man and why do I feel incomplete if I do not have a man with which to share my life and be intimate. He tells me to be fearless and love myself above all else. He tells me I do not face my own strength even when it has shown itself to me again and again. He takes me back to past accomplishments and says you have proven yourself. You must use who you are.


I want you to know – yes you reading this now—-that I love you . I hope to have a camera here in the future so that when I write this or answer email or compose text on the computer, I can be seen. This was my original idea with how to illustrate the title of this site. I want to attempt to use this format to break down barriers . It is impossible for me to answer –with as much attention I would like –all the emails I receive and read from all over the world every week. So I hope that I can take advantage of this privledge of speaking to you in this way and be real with you and share my true love for you ,the person who cares about my work.

Today I mowed the lawn. The leaves are beginning to fall as autumn approaches. To me it seems like the summer was so short….Time to get a flu vaccine.