September 20, 2000

Sept 20

Self image is an interesting process illusion. Last night I saw the results of the photo shoot for Disburden Disciple : One . With two feet of long dark red hair gone – replaced by choppy shoulder length hair with light streaks and a completely different manner of dress –(I haven’t worn 3 inch high heels in AWHILE !) i look at the images curiously and think about process and how it is we define ourselves to ourselves.

Change is a good thing. It breaks up stagnation and stimulates self-growth and challenges our perception.

I keep pushing – refusing to ‘settle’ into something I then define as ‘me.’

And I’m still a disciple of “disburden.”

Had an epiphany in the truck two days ago about DD: Two. Yes, a ‘concept album’ – but so radical (for me) that I can barely contain my excitement. And it takes a LOT to get me really excited.

If it goes as I dream it to go, it will be noticed beyond my current realm and into the uncharted territories of a new meeting of minds– ——-and voices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

******************************************************************* COMING SOON TO A WEBSITE NEAR YOU:

Look for those photos from my exciting trip to L.A. last fall in their own category in Pictures very soon now. With love to Scott at Vinyl Films for making that trip happen ! (Hey—Be SURE to go see: Almost Famous.)

ALso more pictures of Tokyo – including some at Trevor Brown’s studio with a deep bow to mentor and close friend , C.P.

AND last but not least —–by any means, some photos with the SEXY Maynard James Keenan ,after the excellent and exciting Perfect Circle show here in Atlanta.

I love you.