September 27, 2000

Sept 27

One of the good things about touring ‘off the beaten path’ is that you see so many wonderful towns unexplored by tourists and unexploited by commercialization. You have unpredictable adventures.

One such ‘”if they could see me now'” was this tiny place in southern Norway called Boe.

The journey in the bus was endless snow and ice through the empty narrow road late at night down the mountain. I stuck my head out of the tiny open portal above my bed to breathe in the cold air. I was thinking: “so here you are dear. the places you have been…once again….here is where the music has brought you THIS time! . wow. if someone had told me i would be out here in the middle of the night in this huge bus on this dark winding road skidding and sliding along ever so slowly to a small village in Norway…………….

The one place to stay in town was called : ‘the Boe Hotel” We all chuckled at the play on words BoHO which is slang ( for all you readers who are not American) for bohemian…

I had a rock sauna before the show (which turned out to be an audience of all teenage males.). i was reclining nude when two huge long haired musclebound guys walked in and sat down. I casually eased into a sitting position not knowing where to put my hands. My tattoos (still taboo here) were noticably fascinating to them . When the towel slipped off of one of them, and his was a rigid and quivering salute, I bolted out of there !