September 29, 2000

Sept 29

today an interview by phone for a forthcoming article by writer Jay Babcock on loud volume in rock music in Mojo magazine.

talked about the early shows in Swans when the ceiling above the stage would rain paint chips and dirt just from the amps. ..

and ‘the loudest band in the world’ moniker we had in those days..(not OUR title by the way..the British press came up with it )

and all the times MG and I were shocked by the stage or mics not being grounded properly..Not as bad as that scene in Almost Famous but almost…

and this evening to a party at AUX TV where I am friends with one of the owners and his wife. everyone there involved in some aspect of production of commercials or documentaries or independent film or animation or websites or music composition or ..etc. ****************************************************************** and my mind is full of ideas and crammed full of thoughts.

an awareness of my life being compartmentalized and not as serene as i would like it.

too much to do. not enough time.

and analyzing the patronage system where an artist could focus on creating work and not the cluttered aspects of running a business and keeping life in order. today an artist has to know about the business even if it is what to avoid. there is no child-like state of being kept so that you can be a genius.

the biggies: putting a leash on your emotions is essential. discipline and knowing what to absorb and what to purge.

understanding that some people are just dead meat .

and another way to say purge is DISBURDEN.