October 15, 2000

Oct 15 Sunday

The first Disburden Disciple c.d. is here and will begin being sent out now.

Many thanks to all of you who pre-ordered it.

It is a privledge and an honor to put out a body of work without a single on the radio or a video or magazine articles or ads or visibility in shops or even a sound bite or mp3 file —–and still you care enough and have faith enough in me to purchase the c.d. without hype.

I am excited about DD One and the series of DD releases coming. The next DD project will feature special guests from very eclectic musical worlds. A lot of great things are coming and I am ‘stoked’ you guys !

I am looking forward to my ‘hometown’ (New York) show as well as the select shows out west in early 2001 because I look forward to seeing you and looking into your eyes and thanking you for your trust and your belief in me.