November 12, 2000

Nov 12

4:48 a.m.

Anxiety takes it’s sharp fangs upon you

And you reach out but find no god to save you

In all light the darkness closes in

And you understand the meaning


Nothing and no one comforts you except the smile of an angel

But you have only your own strength with which to survive

Remove yourself from harm or perish

The way will not be sweet

Those that you trust will betray you coldly

But you asked for this when you gave your heart

And tell yourself that you are no judge of character

So you breathe slowly and hold yourself with dignity

You walk alone and wonder if this is how it will end

You found your false god.

And you never cease to wonder at the cruelty .

To wonder at your pain.

To wonder at death

The twin of life.

You will hold yourself with dignity

And question why

Happiness came with the angel

You must now destroy what it is you embraced

As the angel smiles