November 16, 2000

Nov 16

the words are flowing out . so many pieces for DD 2

the duet album.

the beauty of men.

i hear the echos of this music. their bodies entwined as

they writhe.

the longing goes unfulfilled.

the desire remains,

tonight the rain is cold and constant.

i have lately been contacted by extraordinary people.

and i thought too many people believed me unattainable

unreachable… sometimes like in an ivory tower.

one day

without even looking for it, a dark poet came ever so

slowly .

unable to take my eyes away …

the first words i then said with complete inocence and light :

‘you are so handsome. do you know that?’

and i allowed myself to feast on his beauty and to be


“…….. you are my lover………

you are my lover…

for the only One who’ll make me bleed

the only One who’ll make me bleed

is my own


bless all the passion expressed tonight. bless all the lovers making love tonight bless all the tears of the broken hearts

and the laughter , and the fear of the lonely and the lost ,

come bitter anger in my arms tonight. kiss me deeply. stick your tongue down my throat.