November 20, 2000

Nov 19 11:26 p.m.

i have received numerous emails from persons telling me about their life .

it seems many things are universal.

what does : ‘ i love you but i am not IN love with you.’ mean, anyway?

has anyone here said this or had this said to them?

please tell me.

also, is it cool for a guy to have an intimate relationship with a woman who says she finds him ‘attractive’ and wants him to call her and for this same guy to ‘love’ and live with and have sex with another woman in a monogamous relationship –and yet hide this intimate relationship from her?

what exactly does : ‘look me directly in the eye. i don’t owe you a thing and you do not owe me a thing ‘ mean?

Can someone here please tell me?

I would like to know.

I am shaking and I would like to know. ***************************************************************

and the beautiful one said i have ‘spine strength like a tree trunk’….

if i asked all of you to meet me and hold me and ignite me with your faith so that i would emit a power so strong that i am beyond the ‘hand of (the) ghost’…..would you ? will you?

will you?

shut your eyes after you read this.duplicate and send me your strength right now.

send it NOW. i need it NOW.