December 28, 2000

Dec 28 1:50 A.M.

Genealogy of Morals : Nietzsche

.” The SLAVE never forgives because he or she never forgets a wrong that has been done to him or her, or that he or she has imagined has been done to him or her.


The NOBLE never forgives because he or she almost instantly forgets any wrong that is done to him or her (a sign that strength is in excess), and so hence sees no need to forgive.

Another Nietzschean perspective, this time on vanity: vanity is a most extreme form of impotence and slavery; it reveals that one cannot value oneself except to the extent that one is valued by others; the powerful human beings values him or herself spontaneously and immediately – a primary self-affirmation rather than a repugnantly Hegelian dialectic of recognition. This is clearly stated in Dawn, Zarathustra, and Beyond Good and Evil. ”