December 30, 2000

Dec 30 noon

Saw the movie Cast Away last night. Someone said to me that they liked how the movie ended. That Tom Hanks character was viewing things in a more mental way and less driven by his heart. I saw it very differently. To me , the fact that he goes after the woman in the pickup truck says that he is being led by his heart.

And after surviving 4 years in isolation on a small island in the middle of nowhere, it is a major statement that all he is looking for is LOVE and companionship.

My wish is that I could be surrounded by all my friends —-both old friends and new ones ——on New Years Eve and hug them all… But they live in other states and even in other countries !

I will try and call many of them on the phone and vow to see them in 2001.

I plan on doing concerts in 2001 in Tokyo and Amsterdam and with any luck, Australia and ..Toronto …..and even Hungary.

So here’s to friendship and to love in 2001.

I love you all. sincerely.