January 7, 2001

January 7 2001

This has been an intense weekend. I clung to an angel all night long —-He is the beating heart. The most beautiful sound in the world.

And I dreamed of a vast silver desert and gold speckled gauze and lavender mountains.

I am leaving tomorrow for Los Angeles. How appropriate. The City Of Angels.

The next arteries will be made from there.

My hope for you all is that you have the vision to see love in its purest state when it comes into your life. I did not see it and now I pray for it’s life.

It takes couage to lay down your ego and your pettiness and your insecurities to have the courage and openness and lack of pretense to SEE LOVE when it appears.

Remember to show RESPECT. Remember to let love BREATHE.

Remember that the kiss of an angel is heaven itself.

Do NOT have a motive with love. Let it flow naturally and you will have ecstacy.

xxx make love tonight with your lover —and when you have done, please smile for me. please smile for me. i am so happy for you.