January 11, 2001

Thursday January 11, 2001 Los Angeles

I have been having a good time out here. I have had a few days to relax and write and read and think and also a moment of late night dialogue with Scott Michael Martin who is currently working 18 hour days with Cameron Crowe on ‘Vanilla Sky’ – a new Tom Cruise film that sounds really intriguing.

To take time out to think is a valuable thing not to be discounted. To take time out to not ‘DO’- but THINK.

Hmm. Gives me a tshirt idea. forget about ‘just DO it’ LOL !!:-)

Anyway–last night it was pouring down here and the streets were underwater. I have never even seen rain in California – so it has been very strange to see it like that..

Tonight i have the honor of going to the studio where Tool is mixing their new album and *Maynard* has told me that I will hear some of the new work ! AWESOME.