February 1, 2001

January 31

I received many birthday greetings via email from visitors to this site. Thank you.

I’ve got some great people in my life. I also received French wine and tenderloin and Pennyslvania snails and warm chocolate cake!

And roses.

And creative cards.

And original POEMS ! I am not afraid to declare I love poetry. Take that !! you cynics! LOL!!

And now I face a lot of productivity and I am ready for the challenge.

Recording and performing ………….and aligning future steps:

After all, “fail to plan, plan to fail,” someone recently remnded me.

“What IS peculiar.” the mysterious man said to me in the restaurant as he looked down at me…..HMMMM.

oh 🙂 btw, to the many astute star-fucked emails I received asking me if “Tom Cruise looks good in person” , the answer is: uh, yes.

And tomorrow is a beautiful day. It’s a state of mind baby.