February 5, 2001

2:08 A.M. Feb 5th

SO tonight I had a prep session for the performance on Feb 10 . A bizarre, intense, and ‘discombobulating’ experience. I’m looking forward to the event. It will be yet another new challenge.

The vision of the ‘new and improved’ Times Square tonight as ‘J’ and I made our way to the Lincoln Tunnel was exciting and attractive to me. Sort of a mini Las Vegas I suppose …And that is something loved or hated I suppose. Depends on the eye of the beholder. To me both places have a sort of Bladerunner vibe going….more so than even Tokyo or L.A….

Entering into work zone here with these recordings. MAy not be able to get to the computer very often to tell you about it —as the focus is tracking and getting a hell of a lot done with no time to think about anything else.

Remember I love you.