February 8, 2001

11:11 p.m. thursday night amidst high tech recording equipment somewhere in new jersey… making music with the astonishing James Izzo.

there is a lot of snow everywhere outside. i have been on the inside recording, singing, arranging lyrics, etc.

these are tracks to be submitted to some of my favorite male vocalists to duet with me on a new style of Jarboe music. I am so excited to have found these emotions ..

I feel a sensuality coming out into my entire approach and I am so fulfilled to have this voice emerge.

after such a hellish period , i am in a space of loving who i am.

i love being in this body and i love being a woman.

this new album is an extension after the first Disburden Disciple project towards light and wisdom and JOY.

i am open and receptive to the loving and beautiful people in my life. i am cared for and appreciated and my love is returned to these very special and beautiful ones…Some of them are gorgeous guys. Some of them are amazing hot women.

You know who you are! THANK YOU FOR BEING IN MY LIFE ! “YEAH BABY ! YEAH !” it is so good to be alive. it is so good to be making music.

my GOD. i am H A P P Y !

Craig–I’ve GOT to have Peppermint Paddock for Maynard . Send some from Tokyo !!! Astor Wines does not have it afterall. 🙁 xxx

(hey–it’s my bloodstream, i can send out a personal if i wanna….)