February 18, 2001


Last night , driving along in my truck in a residential neighborhood, we saw a man staggering along the raod in the cool night’s rain wearing only a sport coat and looking very confused. We did a U turn and found him – arms flailing at his side to keep his balance. We asked him if was okay and he said he was trying to get to his house–but he was clearly very drunk. We offered to take him home if he could get into the back of the truck as there was no room in the cab. He did so and as he groaned as if he was really swimming in his alcohol overload (and I – hands tightly on the wheel – pondered my liability if he was to roll or jump out and get hurt) — and managed to give directions to his door, I drove him a few miles to his house in an expensive area. My companion helped him out of the back of the truck and oblidged with the offered handshake but declined the offers of beer and money payment for our trouble. It is still a mystery why he did not take a cab or why he was walking in the rain in an intensely drunken state. I keep seeing his arms flailing and his jacket flapping open under the street light and for some reason I think of the movie, The Exorcist and the priest..

Then tonight another strange thing occurs. I take a truck load of items to the Good Will store and leave them in the dark parking lot and drive all the way home before I realize that my wallet had fallen out of my lap in the parking lot back there and with it, my driver’s license and misc. essential and very important cards.

Naturally all the drivers in front of me on the way back to that lot were going slower than the speed limit and I hit every red light! When I finally came upon the lot, twenty five ? minutes or so later, my contained panic was mocked as I came to a halt by the redlight directly facing it. Every second seemed an eternity. My companion reminded me that at least we could see someone picking it up from our position at the light, but all I cared about was if it was still there at all or not ! So the remark was no consolation.

I found myself mentally chanting and praying….the light turned green, I hit the gas pedal and the brights and they shined right on that wallet still laying there peacefully with my identity and gateway to functioning in society intact.