February 24, 2001

Feb 23, 2001 International Ballroom Atlanta

my impressions:

It began as a a massive sprawl of cars parked in every imaginable space for blocks. And a long line with security personnel checking pockets and purses. Fortunately I managed to hide the special gift I was carrying of Peppermint Paddock and we got our passes and into the venue which resembled an airplane hangar. It was completely jammed with bodies and I immeditely began the push through the dense human forest for the side of the stage and locating someone connected with the band behind the separating metal gates. Undaunted by initially being ignored by the first scouts on the other side, a connection with the ultra pro, First Class gentleman, and experienced road warrior , ‘The Hawk’ … 🙂 He listened , led us behind the gates and moments later, I watched him carry 2 seats up onto the side of the stage.

To what I can only describe as a pure child-like delight, I was led up behind Paz ‘s bass amp and we were shown to our incredible seats. The initial vessels of joy began to pump fire towards my heart in anticipation for the ecstacy of the power of a beautiful p.a. and the glory of ROCK a la A Perfect Circle.

and the performance began to a deafening roar from the worshippers and a snake dance by the electric violin playing PAZ in all her Womanly sexuality. God how I got into this. A complete turn-on in so many ways .

Other highlights:

BILLY , a pacing thinking feline. intelligent energy in his guitar and his physical presense. Even more so than the first show here, he emits a radiance and attitude that is commanding and authoritarian. The way he took a swig from his bottle of Poland Spring and swung it into the audience with the water spraying was SO damn cool. He’s just COOL.

*MAYNARD* as a futuristic spaceman ZAP comics character in his wildly neon striped tight flared leggings and cap and streaming blond hair. His toned and agile body fluid and writhing. The Voice going right through the ceiling. His personality fully alive and integrated with his stage persona….I see it. His sense of humor, his playfullness, his passion.