March 10, 2001

March 10 2001

Still cold and windy here. Today and Sunday are the last of the rehearsals before I go up to New Jersey to record. Working with William this week has been a joy and I look forward to future projects.

Highly doubtful I will be slowed down long enough to make an Artery entry until after Austin because when I return here on Wednesday night, I will need to get up at 5:30 A.M. to get down to the airport to fly into Austin.

I am sitting here at my desk looking at trees and a blue sky. Longing for SPRING and wishing it could last for at least 6 months…..I love Spring and Fall but do not like winter and summer. This seems to be getting worse for me. I think I have been through too much hell in New York with such severe summers and winters to really endure that kind of thing again…

Have been talking with William about record labels and contracts and music business stuff. I respect his experience and viewpoint. Also all the war stories of touring ! LOL !

For those of you traveling from different states to Austin to see our performance on March 16 *, I truly appreciate it and look forward to meeting you after the show.



*Renee Nelson: bass and keys and vocals *William Faith : guitar and vocal