March 22, 2001

march 22 2001

i have been thinking of you and what to say in this posting.

there is too much to say so i will be extremely brief.

on march 11, some of you may already know that i fell backwards helplessly sailing through the air from my attic onto the hardwood floor below- with the full impact being to my head.

i was admitted to the emergency room and intensive care unit, having had a c scan which showed a concussion , fractured skull and damage to the brain as a result.

i spent the following week in the hospital neurological ward mostly completely passed out and with various i-v fluids of necessary medications hooked up into needles taped in through veins in my arms.

i am now at home following strict doctor’s orders. Rest . Rest. Rest.

i was told i was very lucky because people die all the time from head injuries like the one i have sustained. i was told the docotors expect me to fully recover by mid summer as long as do what i am told which means: good bye stress. hello rest.

believe me. this has forced a major reassessment of everything….and i do see my continued life as a gift i truly have no intention of wasting.

there are people reading this whom i love dearly. i am still here for a reason. that reason has everything to do with the people who have shown me their love and belief in me.

i am clearly not ready to leave planet earth. i believe my best work is still to come.

and i want you to know that i will not let you down.

with all my heart…..

x jarboe