April 1, 2001

april 1 2001 sunday 6:33 p.m.

thank you to all of those who have sent cards, gifts (candles, fresh orchids, bath and health food baskets, Japanese lanterns..) , and get well wishes via email. i am still fragile and unable to answer everyone who has done so — yet please know i do sincerely welcome the good energy.

i am making real progress in healing already even though this experience is a reminder of just healthy and powerfully energetic i normally am … … wow.

and here we are in April. the front yard is blasting with fresh color as the azaleas and the Japanese maple bloom —–and in the morning I awake to dozens of chattering birds outside the bedroom window….

and i currently have no sense of smell or taste and there is on occasion a slight high frequency in my ears and there are bouts of dizziness and heavy fatigue and headache…and yet i am aware of the intense progress of the healing .

again and again what matters most and what comes to me in my thoughts and my dreams is love. the music and having love and living in good health is what matters.

and you are part of it.