April 9, 2001

April 9 01

Update on my recovery from the injuries sustained March 11 :

I am now taking peaceful walks and trying to watch comedies once in awhile on t.v. to laugh. Laughter is good for healing.

And the pollen is thick in the air here and the bees zoom all around my door carrying it….

I cannot describe what this ‘state’ feels like. It’s interesting. I mean the way my head feels several weeks after the accident. I’m aware of the ‘repairing’ going on inside — and still feel a fragile consciousness – which is not a familiar or welcome thing to me at all. I’ll explain: sometimes I’ve been guilty of believing my own so called ‘mythology ‘ —-that I am some kind of … invincible warrior. For one thing, I felt that way a lot of the time in Swans. And I feel that way when I work on music.

The doctor says I am even beyond what is expected at this time for recovery/healing. I know I have a resilience that has eventually rescued me and kept me focused. Someone said it was a ‘guardian angel’ and that I was proof of their existence. Is it that — or is it that I was destined to ‘die’ numerous lives in this life ?…..and come back even more aware even stronger and with a fuller insight ?

Hey -on a lighter note. You know what is a funky word?

” Toothsome”

That is such a curious word ! (look it up if you don’t know)

catch Thread’s new full length album, Abnormal Love. He and I have a duet on it ! Also catch Neotropic’s new cd which features samples from Thread and consequently my voice……