May 18, 2001

May 18, 2001 6:32 PM

test 101 this si a test ictorTank: prod-checkout isn’t showing up.. did i fuck something up ? OpiumDrum: no, it isn’t up yet … VictorTank: ok… just making sure… VictorTank: hey big boy, i’m looking fwd to your CREDITS text 😉 OpiumDrum: well. Artery is done, pending nitpicks. And looking nicely if I say so myself … why don’t you and/or Jarboe play with it some and note any quirks. I gotta run a quirk errand or two. Can you show me what the CREDITS page will look like so I can be a politician and tailor my statement to the aura of the page like a cowardly shit? OpiumDrum: a QUICK errand or two. Wow. Nice slip. VictorTank: lol… ok.. cool