June 2, 2001

June 02, 2001 8:21 PM

“… love, sex, romance are sides of the triangle of achievement buinding genius.” “The blending of love and sex is the most intense and burning… and combined with romance , the obstructions in the finite mind are removed… and genius is born.” “The major positive emotions : desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope.” – Napoleon Hill ( from the book Think And Grow Rich) This is the classic and excellent book abot reinforcement of positive emotions and mental energy and dispelling negative self-defeating energy.

I have also been giving thought about why it is that one can continue to feel am emotion deeply inside yet have clear evidence in front of oneself in a rational way to the lack of logic for such a feeling. for the sake of self-growth, this in and of itself is a clear case for honest personal examination. This subject is one that I am exploring on the next of the series of the Disburden Disciple cds. On the finished album, I will have made these discoveries with the help of several singers whose voices I find inspiring.

I have decided to make the most personal, raw and unpolished rough drafts of a select few of the pieces from this album available on cd-r. ‘Dislocation’ ( name of the cd-r) is illustrating the process of how this next album is coming together. Again these are in no way the finished mixes or arrangements but they do show a ‘behind the scenes ‘ naked and vulnerable seed.

Also, I have been listening to a Japanese import of the 2 cd of Aphrodite’s Child ‘666’ project composed by Vangelis Papathanassiou, and the daily choir of birds outside the window.

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