June 6, 2001

June 06, 2001 01:00 AM

mmm. the simple and beautiful things in life. deep breathing and optimism and positive energy. Tonight pleasure flooded my body as I walked the 3 mile path around the park and wiped the sweat off my face with my t-shirt. When I finished and stretched out in the parking lot, I pulled off the wet shirt and stood there in my black sports bra looking up at the sky – with arms in the air, elated . Oh yeah, and adding to the enjoyment are these sturdy black reebok walking boots … More new *delights*: I’m now sleeping on a hard futon . Have also begun reading the book: Richard Branson: Virgin King . Excited about my upcoming trip to San Francisco where I will be adding some vocals on a brilliant new Meridiem c.d. and seeing friends from Amber Asylum and Neurosis.

I can’t wait to stand on the beach and let the waves run over my feet.