June 9, 2001

June 09, 2001 1:51 PM

A little after 6 a.m. this morning, I sat alone at this desk in “contemplation of my life” and watched the sunrise. I listened to the slowly growing chorus of birds as they seemed to celebrate the beginning of a new day. I breathed deeply and slowly. A vivid flood of clarity came to me. Moments like this one when the awareness of life is so intense and charged are the moments I ‘film’ with my mind’s eye and keep in a safe place deep inside memory. This is the rainy season here in Atlanta. The grass and trees and bushes around the house are overgrown and wild. Small chipmunks, squirrels , and even field mice seem to have burrowed little tunnels in the yard and they dart about only to be seen out of the corner of my eye. If I blink, I see a scurry of motion vanishing. And in 5 days, I am going into the welcoming arms of some people who love me. They may not wear flowers in their hair but they live in San Francisco.