June 13, 2001

June 13, 2001 10:22 PM

While I’m in San Francisco, I’ll be reading the Discussion Board. SO – Inspire me with YOUR question or opinion. I’m interested in what’s on your mind. Post your comments Freely !! For those following the process of my next c.d. of which the cdR ‘Dislocation’ is a partial sketch pad, I’m in discussion now with several more interesting artists including recent energy from Edward (Legendary Pink Dots), Chris (Ministry, The Bells..), Tim (No Man)… David ( Current 93), Alan ( Low) . These are a few of the diverse musicians with whom I’m “transmitting” — regarding collaboration on the next Living Jarboe c.d. which I began recording last Octoberin New York. This project will be my most comprehensvie collaborative effort to date and will feature musicians from various genres. I intend to bring together musicians that would most likely not be working on the same project otherwise. Expect surprises. In California, I’ll post Artery and give you a taste of my experience. Stay tuned……. 😉