June 25, 2001

June 25, 2001 11:21 PM

Simple things : Beautiful things. Worlds… I spent most of yesterday outside doing things like cutting out weeds and tying branches together with string so they would be picked up by the recycle truck… I made dinner and sat alone at the table with the peace around me. On Saturday, I had an enjoyable conversation on the phone with musician extraordinaire and bon vivant, Bill Rieflin. firstworldmusic.com Bill had just returned from England where he recorded at Real World (Peter Gabriel’s studio). We spoke about the insular aspects of a musician’s life and the necessity of awareness expansion / intellectual stimulation. Bill talked about enjoying conversations with musicians who have a completely different take on music than he does….I told him about hearing Bono on the Charlie Rose program speak about completely non musical concerns such as debt relief of Third World countries . It’s easy for anyone’s world to become small and self obsessed. In addition to culture, I’d like to hear what YOU are involved in socially / politically.