June 29, 2001

June 29, 2001 10:00 PM

Unmasked, I dreamed for the fourth night in a row that I was dancing on the beach at dawn with arms reaching up towards the sky where a circle of birds spun above me in various symbolic formations. . . How many masks are worn during a lifetime ? Covering up everything from fear to cultural conditioning, a mask may manifest itself as cynicism, hopelessness, doubt, obsession…. I’ve been thinking about the process of turning personal obstacles into the corridors that lead towards a truthful and compassionate self – realization. Confronting and not denying or running away from ‘self’ means neither suffocating or indulging in the masks/obstacles. It might mean letting down defenses and asking more questions instead of always looking for answers. . . It might mean freely letting the humor come inside and dancing with birds on the beach !