July 3, 2001

July 03, 2001 1:57 PM

Saturday I went to a South African restaurant called Ten Degrees South where my dinner companion had ostrich steak. Later we went to see the film Sexy Beast which I enjoyed and which also had me feeling ‘ tense’. …Thinking today about the Amber Asylum session I observed in San Francisco. Kris Force is an astonishing electric violinist and soprano and Jackie is as passionate on her electric cello as any rock god on the guitar. When they played the same complex lines in unison, it was quite sensual and uplifting. I look forward to recording with Amber Asylum as well as performing live with Kris and co. They will be part of the ‘MEN’ album which I am working on right now. I’m also looking forward to recording with Neurosis. Steve gave me a cd of initial tracks for our collaboration. I ‘m excited about this as I have wanted to work with them for years. A track with Neurosis is also in my plan for the Men album. The new (as yet unreleased) Neurosis album is a departure from their previous work. Powerful and majestic and yet full of surprises. I have been enjoying the track order which has the album beginning with a slow and deep reprise. Steve Von Till is a friend and it was so good to spend an evening with him and his partner Kristin in Pacifica at a dinner at Kris’s place. Thank you for the continued emails. It is necessary to answer in this public forum due to the volume of mail I receive. I’m feeling more compassionate and open and curious and therefore stronger everyday. I have the roar of the Pacific at ready access inside where only I enter. Much is put into perspective ! There are some good people in my life on both coasts and I can truly say I feel bi-coastal ..