July 17, 2001

July 17, 2001 01:22 AM

once you work behind the scenes in production and have been doing music professionally , you don’t hear music exactly the same way as before. it isn’t a loss of innocence that i am talking about but it is a knowledge and an adjusted ear to techniques used to get a certain effect. some engineers for example know the exact model of a particular reverb unit used , etc…. I am particularly sensitive to ‘mixes’ for example as well as vocal treatments. Why wouldn’t I be ? I’m a vocalist and have been involved in the production and mixing of my own music for years….and I have worked in studios all over the world. So i’m listening to the production on the newest radiohead album and I comment about an effect used on the vocal. I’m then asked not to speak of these things. I’m told that for me to do so breaks the magic of the music for this person. I respect the request another person makes of me to not mention something so i drop it but then i think about why it is that to ME the magic IS the production and the machines and the process that happened to result in the music sounding the way it does… And as for film, I will have even more respect for Vanilla Sky having been on the set for a day than if I had not been. So here is what makes jarboe tick in a way. I like the ‘tricks’ that make the magic for the listener and viewer. I am more obsessed with the techniques and “behind the scenes” devices used than any other element sans actual rendered and captured performance. And I have only just realized the extent of it.. because upon reflection the same curiosity and fascination with my idea of ‘magic’ holds true for cuisine as well as fashion as well as art as well as theatre as well as athletics ……..

revelation brings a smile. …