July 20, 2001

July 20, 2001 10:31 PM

here and now. A cool breeze. i feel you. Friday night traffic in the distance. speed. A jet. i fly you. The insistent stereophonic cicadas. rock me. Tricky’sBLOWBACK. dancing on fire euphoria.


*** *** *** the state of me. Sensitive to the contagions. Deciding what I will let touch me. WIshing no one ill. For to do so gives me their sickness. Removing the contagions. *** ***


“An unusually intense relationship to music and sound” is how NPR described those with the rare ‘Williams Syndrome’… I heard a program on National Public Radio today about music and ‘Williams.’ A profile: The combination of a low I.Q. ( 59) and the inability to tie your shoe laces at age 40 and yet singing in perfect pitch in 29 languages. Perfectly mimicing a difficult Italian opera but never learning how to read music because it is forgotten minutes after it is learned. Also neurologists say something striking about those with the syndrome is an attitude such as this frequent one: ‘There are no strangers. There are only friends.’