July 30, 2001

July 30, 2001 03:36 AM

there are times when a recurring thought is like looking at a car accident. try to take your mind off of it but morbid curiosity has the eyes darting back again and again to the scene. today has been one of those days with intentions gone astray and i have found myself visualizing the strong sea air in my lungs and the packed sand beneath my feet.

Nourish with positive determination and free yourself from attack. Cynicism is a contagious disease.

Also I’ve been thinking about an interview I heard concerning a lawsuit against the production of the play ‘Corpus Christi’ at Indiana University on National Public Radio where the following was stated: ” So there is no difference between an ‘act of devotion’ and a work of ‘art’ that includes religious themes in the work of the artist?” – NPR interviewer “You can’t promote religion with tax payers’ dollars.” – Indiana senator heading the lawsuit. The senator went on to say that the ‘views’ expressed by the playwright in ‘Corpus Christi’ were different from his own and the group he represented. When pressed by the radio interviewer exactly what it was about the play’s contents with which the senator was so opposed , the senator replied that in the play Jesus is portrayed as having “perverse vile disgusting views” and “is a homosexual.”

1.Who decides if an artist actually has an agenda to advocate a particular religious , political, or any other view in his work ? Or if the artist is merely asking questions?

2. In a tight politically correct world, can’t the argument be made that any form of art has a particular view that is deemed religious , etc . etc. by somebody ? So who decides who gets funding?

3. If fear dictates funding for theatrical production /arts programs on university campuses, won’t an atmosphere leading to numbness take over instead of an atmosphere of challenge and stimulation and encouragement for learning ?

I want to know: Where is the rapprochement?