August 5, 2001

August 05, 2001 01:31 AM

Saw the film Memento this afternoon , then satisfied a two day craving for a big bowl of Udon. The film was internal, engaging. I enjoyed the psychological tension/editing/arrangement of Memento’s segments. Found it difficult to look at the lead actor. Not so much his non-descript Brad Pitt-like features as much as the vacant facial banality throughout the film. The use of tattoos and Polaroids as keys to ‘memory’ was interesting. For me tattoos are a kind of mental photograph. Every one of mine has a story and a meaning to document a significant time in my life. The one I had done on my back for my birthday this year is a large Sufi design of a heart with a Greek symbol for Victory inside it. Among other things, it is a very personal reminder of an ultimate and intimate triumph . *** Rolling thunder this evening. The air is fresh and electric. Visited a favorite at the bookstore : Martin Margiela ‘Street’ Vol 1 & 2 . Arousal at his genius design. :-).. The sexiest tabi shoes . At Home — Musically : Zeni Geva 10,000 Light Years has me smiling. Also : Vagtazo Halottkemek. Naptanc. ‘Galloping Coroners’ … dancing . eyes closed . I’m wearing Sony headphones and listening to the secrets now unfolding to my continued delight in the scrutiny of production and arrangements on Blowback. I hear from a friend who worked the big festival in Tokyo that Tricky’s performance at Fuji Rock Festival last week had even ENO impressed . OH YEAH. *** And I awoke this morning feeling unusually rested / happy. I have a theory it’s the result of the lullaby – I’ve come to love – of ‘Quake III Arena’ that had lulled me to sleep the night before from V. at his G-4 across the hall . ***

Anathema, Make Yourself Happy Rather Than Right.