September 9, 2001

September 09, 2001 03:04 AM

I ‘ve been curious for awhile now and so I saw a film called ‘Snatch’ on video tonight. It made an impression and ‘crossed the line’ for me and by that I mean it went from ‘entertainment movie’ to something else : memorable work with an impact. There were scenes which were like paintings that I found quite beautiful and disturbing. It was also an absurd comedy of sorts in it’s ‘madcap adventure’ style and cartoon like characters but also disturbing and violent in not only the fight and gun shot scenes but in the editing and slick ‘music video’ techniques . I had thoughts of Tarantino, The Three Stooges , and man as animalistic brutality. Also shades of boars eating human bodies as in ‘Hannibal’, only in this case, it’s pigs starved for 3 days. .. Haven’t seen ‘Lock, Stock,and Two Smoking Guns’ yet which is also directed by Guy Ritchie. Baffled by a previous dismissive air about this film from someone I know who works in Hollywood, I did some research and read online reviews. It seems that the criticism of ‘Snatch’ is that it is the same story as ‘Lock, Stock..’ and that the dialogue is stiff and that it is frenetic in a ‘Benny Hill’ sort of way. Also critics said that Ritchie can obviously direct but is no story teller. Some critics said “the Tarantino influence is obvious” but with the comment that Tarantino is a storyteller and knows dialogue — unlike Ritchie. Well, I’m not one to see or like a film because it is publicized or stars someone like Brad Pitt or gets glowing reviews or is nominated for an Academy Award. I wasn’t excited by ‘Fight Club’ for example or even ‘Pulp Fiction’ or even ‘Magnolia’ and these were hip to like. So I think it is safe to say that if in reading this, your curiousity is aroused , see ‘Snatch’ for yourself.

Interesting how ‘snatch’ means both ‘rip off’ and the vulva.