September 28, 2001

September 28, 2001 1:14 PM

One person’s ‘pioneering work’ is yet another person’s dismission.

i keep a paper journal where i VENT full throttle, begin lyrics, sketch, glue images and ad copy from magazines . I also keep a list of potentially worthwhile urls to bookmark or crossout when in the proper frame of mind to absorb. Mostly, I appreciate ‘art’ (i use the term loosely / expansively) sites and look for a subtleness in the design of the site itself as well as have an interest in the content/subject. (enjoyed most recently: )

Some people notice a : perky trying to be cute and/or a : hey i don’t actually mean it now do i 😉 wink wink coyness on a website and it leaves them cold . Maybe it conveys a self conscious flippant attitude that is boring . Sincere insincerity as ‘cool’ is ‘so over.’ Yet, these days it seems everyone has a website project and many are not even intended to be Public Statements. So are the criteria the same as for a recently published novel or a tv show or a highly visible film or new c.d. from an established artist ? Handheld digital cameras aimed towards a face reflected in an automobile rearview mirror may capture an image banality (but not without meaning ) to some and the clever junk of contemporary abstraction -given a personalized twist- high wit to others. ( And maybe to some others , simply a collection of an idea .

With a consciousness permeated by the raw cruel exposure of the events of Sept 11, there is an intense clarity to the beauty of this day: the light flooding this room now and that shade of blue in the sky.

And I am thinking of the particles of the thousands of bodies pulverized by the force of the collapse/dissloution of the WTC.