October 11, 2001

October 11, 2001 10:54 PM

with all of the many places i’ve been in my travels, i have found that the place inside my own consciousness is the one whose borders to which i must tend. to which i must monitor. but continuing to be open so that my heart does not become hard and cold and bitter.

do you have someone in your life right now with whom you can “let down your hair” ? I mean let down your defenses and have no fear ? even if no one comes to mind, i want you to imagine such a state of openness with a loving accepting inspiring person.

spend some time with this thought and let yourself relax. your shoulders are no longer tense. you are smiling from the sheer joy in your heart. all the weight, all the burden is lifted off of you . exhale fully …

it’s good, isn’t it ? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

now . shift the vision . you are not in the company of this other person, the wonderful friend. You are alone instead. yet, tension is still gone. You are not defensive or sad. You are not going to be attacked. Be the wonderful friend to yourself. Stop blaming others. You have the option to be joyous inside yourself. Stop looking for happiness. Stop needing someone else to love you or give you a reason to be happy.

you may be scared. it’s okay. laughter is okay. tears are okay. these are your neural ‘transmitters’ having a drag race. (A race between two cars to determine which can accelerate faster from a standstill.) it’s like the brain is dancing. and dancing is definitely okay.